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GATERON Magnetic Jade Switch


GATERON Magnetic Jade Switch(30gf/5pcs)




Magnetic Jade Switchは打鍵音にこだわったキースイッチです。Mahjong sound(麻雀牌同士が当たる際に出る音)のような打鍵音を目指してつくられています。



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The first Magnetic switch in Mahjong sound
Introducing the Magnetic Jade Switch, a revolutionary addition to our collection of mechanical keyboard switches that combines the sophistication of electromagnetic technology with the artistry of Mahjong-inspired HIFI sound. Immerse yourself in the premium sound choice that defines every keystroke, turning your typing experience into a rhythmic symphony of music notes.

At the heart of the Magnetic Jade Switch lies its groundbreaking Magnetic switch, offering a unique Mahjong sound experience. The magnet, strategically positioned in the middle, brings a new level of sensitiveness to each keystroke, allowing for a quick press and an equally quick stop. The accurate trigger response ensures precision in every keypress, delivering a performance that stands out in the world of mechanical switches.

Mahjong Sound HIFI Experience: The Magnetic Jade Switch introduces the first Magnetic switch with a Mahjong sound HIFI experience, providing a premium sound choice that transforms your typing into a musical masterpiece.
Pure Sound Quality: The back-cover in the bottom housing is designed to enhance sound purity, ensuring that each keystroke resonates with clarity and precision. Your every keypress becomes a rhythmic note in the symphony of typing.
Electromagnetic Technology: Leveraging advanced electromagnetic technology, the Magnetic Jade Switch offers quick and accurate keypresses, creating a unique typing experience that sets it apart from traditional mechanical switches.



Spec :
• Initial Force: 30士7gf
• Total Travel: 3.5±0.2mm
• Initial magnetic flux: 120±15Gs
• Bottom-out magnetic flux: 800±80Gs
• Pre Travel: Freely setting
• Pre-Lubed: Yes
• Typing Style: Linear
• Lifetime: 100 million times keystrokes

※Available keyboard
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