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Kailh Sunset Tactile Switch

Choc v1 / tactile / 35g

Gateron KS-3 Milky Pro Yellow

Linear / 50g /5pin

MZ Studio Z1 Linear Switch

Linear / 48g / 5pin

MMD Princess Linear / Tactile

Low price and latest specs.

Gateron KS-8 Brown Tactile

Tactile / 55g

Chosfox x JWK Hanami Green Dango

Tactile / 67g

Gateron Keyswitch Tester (35pcs)


Gateron KS-9 Silent Switch


Durock Blue Lotus Large Tactile

T1 Tactility / 5pin / 65g/


- 美しく熱いタクタイル -

KTT PH Studio meow Switch

Linear / 37g / 5pin

Kailh Halo True Tactile

Tactile / 100gf / 3pin

Gateron G Pro 3.0 15%Off Sale


Many types of Kailh Choc


Durock Daybreak Silent Linear

5pin / 67g

Feker Holy Panda Keyswitch

Tactile / 3pin / 67g

Durock L1 Linear Keyswitch

5pin / Linear / 55g

Sillyworks HMX Hyacinth V2U

Linear / 5pin / 52g

Gateron Keyswitch Tester


Gateron Oil King Linear Switch


Comparison HHKB Linear and Kailh Deep Sea


TTC Neptune Linear Keyswitch

Linear / 5pin / 41gf

Gateron KS-20 Magnetic Hall Sensor Switch


Everglide AquaKing 37g and 55g spring dimensions check

Everglide AquaKing 37gと55gのバネ寸法確認

BSUN Aniya Aniy R2 Linear Switch

Linear / 50g /5pin

Sillyworks HMX Hyacinth V2 Switch

Linear / 5pin / 45g

Chosfox Tecsee Poison Gas Switch

Tactile / 5pin / 45g

KTT Cheese Blue Linear Switch

Linear / 5pin / 43g

Durock Dolphine サイレントリニアスイッチ(クリア/5ピン/62g/5個)

Durock Dolphineはサイレントリニアスイッチの代表として長らく人気の製品です。

【注目商品】Durock Sea Glass Switches 写真展